Following the Oct. 16 Riverside Elementary School Board meeting, I had cause to reflect on the events of the past four months regarding the historic Hollywood House and the board. My conclusions are as follows.

This board cannot accept the idea that the land and the historic Hollywood House is not for sale. This has been the case since the July meeting that I attended.

The Riverside Elementary School Board, made up of Riverside residents, really doesn’t understand Hollywood (self-acknowledged by some members of the board) nor do they have a respect for the history and culture of Hollywood.

From the outset, beginning with the board’s repugnant offer, there has been a lack of transparency, perhaps honesty, regarding the purchase of the land and the eventual tearing down of a historic Hollywood landmark.

As a steward of the tax money that the residents of Hollywood pay (75 percent of which do not have children attending the school), why they would turn down the most recent generous offer made by the Hollywood Citizens Association? 

The lack of clarity on how the rebuilding will increase the space needed to facilitate greater learner outcomes among the youth they serve.

The lack of respect for how the historic Hollywood House provides a playground for all kids to use, that it provides a safe environment for a faith-based organization to help kids, that it provides affordable space for families and organizations.

I urge all citizens of Hollywood to attend the Oct. 30 meeting. I am sure they will provide a compelling presentation about the changes they foresee for Hollywood School. I ask you to consider my reflective points while attending the presentation.

Michael Kayse


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