When the big rigs drove into Riverside carrying all the trappings for the filming of the TV show “Fargo,” it brought with them stories that you won’t see on the screen.

Major filming took place at the home of Tracy and Jim Sloan at Addison and Cowley, and when the crew entered the house it became transformed into the era of the mid-1950s.

According to Tracy Sloan, the entire first floor was transformed, with all their furniture removed and furniture reminiscent of an Italian home taking their place. Light fixtures, sockets, window treatments, pictures, wallpaper all were changed to complete the transformation, which will remain in place as further filming will takes place.

A family room became a dining room; beams were placed in the ceiling. With the Sloans’ furniture in storage, the family will live with it and have the fun of enjoying the experience.

According to Tracy, the production company has been great, allowing the family be a part of it. All members — actors, actresses and production people — were good to work with. The cast includes a number of children who were kept busy at the house, where they found a basement full of toys which belong to the four Sloan children.

Facilities? The Birmingham home was the site of what Jane Birmingham referred to as “luxury bathrooms” with light and heat. They were placed strategically in their backyard so as not to get on camera. Jane says she didn’t see the interior of the outdoor facilities but might sneak a peek when the crew returns to town. I will get the scoop on that then.

Other area homes were part of the production, with one serving as a commissary while over at St. Mary’s Parish Center (or as I call it the churchagymatorium) it was makeup central.

Probably most notable to locals were the vintage cars that were seen over the neighborhood. Reminds one of another time in Riverside. Funny thing is, I remember those times and those cars.

How was the Sloan house selected?  It is not unusual for Riverside to have been scouted out previously and the Sloans had been approached before, so they were in the database and this time they agreed to be the site. 

It was not the first time Riverside was chosen for filming and won’t be the last. As Tracy and I agreed, both being raised here, it will be a showcase for other people to see the beauty of where were raised and live.

There will be more on this as filming continues. I have my sources.