Turkey day is over and now we can think about the next holiday as if we haven’t been barraged by it for at least a month.

As I write this column I take a break from Cyber Monday and tell myself how much I saved by spending so much. I do believe there is some logic there, the most being I can stay home and not have to worry about putting on make-up and jockeying for a parking place. That being said, I will proceed.

I confess to having watched a lot of football over the weekend and with the help of the remote, I was watching two games at a time. At this juncture I cannot tell you which teams I watched, but I can say I was not happy with all of the results, including my alma mater Nazareth, which lost in the state finals. However, looking at the sports section today I will have enough football to watch coming up to last me for a long time.

Time was there were only about four or five bowl games around New Year’s to watch, featuring elite teams. How things have changed. Even if your record isn’t great, there’s a bowl game for you. Looking at the paper today, I counted 41 or 42 bowl games coming up, I lost count after 35. The names meant some company has paid a lot of money to get their name out there. OK fans, mark your calendars for some of these games, all names are followed by the word “bowl”: Belk, Redbox, Music City, ServePro, World First Responder, Camping, Quick Lane, Gasparrilla, Camellia, Cure, Cheez-It and my favorite, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. No Toilet Bowl?

There you have it. The football games run from Dec. 20 with the Bahama Bowl to Jan. 13 and the National Championship. The teams? You will have to get that info yourself. I like college football, but even for me this is a bit of overkill.

Of course, time will be made for the Bears and golly, gosh oh gee, college basketball has begun. 

Thank you for the responses from last week’s column about the sweet potatoes. Son Michael took Nanny’s (my Mom’s) job this year and did very well. I am relieved to know that both of my children are good cooks and will never starve; they can always make sweet potatoes.

Is it me or do the holidays come sooner each year? Or is it the older you get the faster time goes by?