Seems like only yesterday we were seated at the Chew Chew Café, located in the Arcade Building, watching the clock as a New Year was about to begin. 

We expressed some caution, as there was talk about what was going to happen — it was the year 2000 and the fear mongers were at it again. The clock struck midnight and we continued celebrating. Twenty years later, we are still trying to remember to put the correct date on checks. 

We will begin the year by changing the calendars, like the one in the kitchen with pictures of the family. The calendar from St. Mary’s will find a spot, so I can know what is happening liturgically. 

In the TV room is our favorite the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader — a page a day.  Long story about this, but it is a special yearly gift. Thank you, Nancy Dvorak. She can tell you the story.

Mother Nature must have lost her calendar, because she sure has been confused lately. Halloween looked like Christmas and Christmas looked like Easter. I’m no meteorologist, but my theory is it has something to do with the tilt of the earth on its axis. 

We sat outside around the fire pit at the Duve house to play the grab bag game while some had a rollicking game of croquet. Yes, croquet! A fun time was had by all. Sorry, all you kids who asked for ice skates from Santa.

Always nice stories round this time of year. Bern Gordus from North Riverside called to let me know what happened to the North Riverside Golden Agers group for their holiday get-together. Seems they had arrangements at a hall in Berwyn on Harlem Avenue only to arrive and find out the establishment had been overbooked. No room at the hall. 

It wasn’t a star that led them down the street to Connie’s Restaurant where they were greeted by owner Bill Sotiropoulos. No Grinch at Connie’s, Bill assured them there was room and welcomed the group of 60 people in the restaurant’s party and event room. 

According to Gordus, the restaurant was so accommodating they were sure to have gained some new customers. A happy ending for the North Riverside Golden Agers.  Think I know where they will be eating next time. 

The eternal optimist in me is looking forward to a good year, and with that I wish you all the same. And, to McKenna Kosey, Happy Birthday!