People are certainly creatures of habit, whether we admit to it or not. We have a tendency to repeat many of our actions without even realizing we are so committed to doing the same thing. 

An example I have noticed is that, in church, people tend to sit in the same pews on the same side of the church week after week. Being regulars at 8 a.m. Mass on Sundays at St. Mary’s, I notice these things. Yes, sometimes my mind does wander from the service. 

Our vantage point, last pew in the back, lets me see if everyone is in their usual spot and, if they’re not, where they are. 

People who attend the Mass and aren’t what I will call “regulars” at 8 a.m. Mass may not be aware they are sitting where a regular usually sits. Not that the regulars have ownership to a particular seat, but it is a habit and we become comfortable with it.

Go to a restaurant, Connie’s for example. On Sunday after Mass, have breakfast at Connie’s, where you will find a number of people who have just attended Mass at St. Mary’s. If they said Mass there, it would save everybody a step. It’s a habit. 

Thursday evening go to Chew Chew for oysters. There you will find a group of diners who tend to sit at the same place or at the bar in the same seats. It’s a habit. For four years there was a man who had his place at the bar at Chew Chew; I’ll call it bar stool No. 1. 

His name was Lou Schauer, Riverside resident, lawyer, man of many artistic interests, former village president of Western Springs. A regular, dining alone or sometimes with friends, Lou passed away in December at age 91. It was his habit, the Chew Chew. He will be missed. Seeing him was a habit.

Habits, we all have them, some good some bad. I like to think we have more good ones than bad.

Magic is his habit! Brookfield’s ‘”Magic Man,” Trent James, is appearing at the Chicago Magic Lounge on Wednesdays through March 25. His comedic presentation of magic will amaze and mystify you as you try to figure out: How does he do that”? 

If you haven’t seen his act, now is the time. Some nights are already sold out. The lounge is located at 5050 N. Clark St. in Chicago. For more info go to Shazam!