Live from the Riverside-Brookfield High School television studio, it’s the RB Educational Telethon! With an array of talent, acts, guest hosts and premiums the RB Educational Foundation, will be presenting its annual TV fundraiser on Saturday, March 14.

The show will air from 1 to 9 p.m. on Comcast channel 16 and AT&T/U-Verse channel 99 or online at and will feature a boatload of talent, including students, staff alumni.

As a result of last year’s telethon, the foundation was able to raise over $24,000 to fund 63 educational experiences for students and teachers at the high school. Many of last year’s recipients will share some of their experiences during the telethon.

Funding for the Telethon comes from corporate sponsors and individual pledges. Look for the ad in The Landmark to learn more about the event.  

And now … Let’s call the rest of this column a public service. Tuesday, March 17 is Election Day (also St. Patrick’s Day and Dave Newman’s birthday). You have plenty of time to early vote, and Brookfield Village Hall is close and convenient. 

There’s lots to consider this election on the national and local level. Do your homework: there are referendums that need your support. The Riverside Public Library is looking to do more work, which will enhance its lower level.

The library is more than just shelves with books and is used for many purposes. The library board has worked hard to raise funds to complete the work that has been started and now must turn to the voters. I support this referendum and will be voting yes.

North Riverside is looking to help Komarek School with some much needed updating. A good school, it needs to be able to accommodate the needs of all students, which means improving the conditions of the building. While I cannot vote for the Komarek referendum since I live in Riverside, I would if I could.

Looking at referendums that will affect our tax bills is not always an easy decision, but the bottom line is passage of these two referendums will enhance the value of your property.

See you at the polls.