A former Brookfield resident faces home invasion and aggravated domestic battery charges after he allegedly broke into the Brookfield home of his estranged wife while she slept and then ordered her back into the home at knifepoint after she attempted to escape before he left a couple of hours later on the morning of March 16.

Brookfield police took 65-year-old Hussain K. Mesyef into custody without incident at the home of an acquaintance in LaGrange Highlands on March 17. Mesyef was scheduled to appear for a bond hearing at the Maybrook courthouse on Wednesday.

The home invasion charge is a Class X felony which, if Mesyef is convicted, carries a prison sentence of between six and 30 years.

According to police, Mesyef entered his wife’s home at about 2:30 a.m., woke her up and, while brandishing a knife, ordered her downstairs to discuss their ongoing divorce proceedings.

During that conversation, the woman excused herself to use the restroom, fled the home through a bathroom window and ran down the alley to find help. Mesyef reportedly pursued her and the two struggled in the alley before he was able to force his ex-wife back inside the house.

Mesyef allegedly left the house at about 5 a.m., at which time his wife called police. According to police, she was taken to a local hospital to treat lacerations to her hand sustained during the incident. She was released from the hospital that same day.

Detectives attempted to locate Mesyef first at a residence in Springfield, arresting him in LaGrange Highlands the following day.

Court records indicate that Mesyef, a former Illinois Department of Transportation engineer, was placed on electronic home monitoring and spent some time in jail after being found in contempt of court in August 2018.

Documents indicate Mesyef failed to follow a judge’s order to return $250,000 that Mesyef had withdrawn from a bank account shortly after his wife filed for divorce in January of that year.

On the day Mesyef allegedly invaded his wife’s home, both were to appear in Cook County Circuit Court related to the divorce proceeding. He did not appear at the hearing, and court records indicate Mesyef again was held in contempt of court on March 16.