Trying times bring people together, and these are trying times for all of us. The coronavirus does not pick and choose. It attacks and affects people in many ways. 

For Sara and Jeff Baker it meant hitting upon an idea to unite people to be supportive of one other. And, now, their signs dot Riverside lawns, proclaiming, “We are stronger together.”

Sara Jisa Baker, born and raised in Riverside along with her husband, Jeff, are with Burlington Realty and they wanted to do something. It began with putting a sign in the window of the realty business on East Burlington Street.

“We work here and want to give back,” Sara said.” 

But they wanted to do something more than just one sign. With the support of Judy Jisa and the staff at Burlington Realty, the couple chose the wording “We are stronger together” and 300 signs were printed up for distribution. 

Word of the signs spread and soon all 300 signs had been distributed. In response, more signs will be printed. With the Bakers doing most of the sign posting, they admitted to putting some sign on friends’ lawns at night with recipients being pleasantly surprised.

Sara Baker said their signs along with ones people are putting in the windows of their homes and businesses is an example of how the town she loves comes together in times of need. 

Walkers will see a variety of things in windows — gnomes, rainbows, flowers, children’s drawings, anything which will bring smiles to people’s faces. Sara believes this also shows the spirit of Riverside

Facebook is an avenue to explore some of the ways your friends and neighbors are staying connected with you and still following the rules. For information on how to receive your own yard, sign contact Sara Baker at 708-567-5015. You never know what might appear on your front lawn.

What else can you do? Stay in, that helps. Wash your hands. Make a mask for yourself for if and when you go out. Simple instructions can be found online. You don’t have to be a seamstress or a crafty person. They’re easy to make and will give you something to do.

Thank you Sara and Jeff for reminding us … we are stronger together.