The Cook County Medical Examiner on April 16 reported that a second North Riverside resident has died from COVID-19, the upper respiratory disease resulting from infection by the novel coronavirus.

The 73-year-old man, identified as Charles Parker, lived in the 2400 block of 9th Avenue, according to the medical examiner, and was pronounced dead at 2:50 p.m. on April 15 at Hines V.A. Medical Center.

According to the autopsy report, Parker had other underlying health conditions that contributed to his death.

As of April 16, the Cook County Department of Public Health had reported 254 deaths as a result of COVID-19 in suburban Cook County. Statewide there have been more than 1,000 deaths from the disease.

The first North Riverside resident to die as a result of COVID-19 was 73-year-old Michael Turner Sr., who died March 31 at Loyola University Medical Center.

According to data being compiled by the Cook County Department of Public Health, there are at least 18 North Riverside residents who have tested positive for COVID-19, although there appears to be some delay in reporting those figures.

A new online dashboard tracking deaths from COVID-19 by suburb in Cook County still lists only North Riverside as having fatalities out of the three villages covered by the Landmark., The county still has not recorded the April 11 death of a 58-year-old Riverside man.

Riverside’s fire chief confirmed that the man had tested positive for the disease. The case still has not appeared on a report of the Cook County Medical Examiner.

As of April 16, the county was reporting 26 people in Riverside with COVID-19 and 48 in Brookfield. No fatalities have been reported from the disease in Brookfield thus far.