Still hunkering down on Selborne. How many day has it been? Lost count after the first 30. Anyway, staying safe and healthy has been the main thing.

I can’t say things have been dull. Selborne Road is in the midst of being redone (yay!). Think they could add a speed bump to deter all the speeders that will come down this street after it is fixed since it is a cut through? Probably not. 

The crew seems to be on task and that is a good thing. While this was going on we got a new roof; talk about busy and noisy around here. Lots of pounding and drilling. We will have to park our car on the street for a while, so I need to get out there to get a primo spot. I don’t want to have to park a block away.

We have missed many things during this time: Easter with whole family, an anniversary, four birthdays, the birth of a new great grandson, Mother’s Day and, as things are going, we will miss a few more things coming up, but we will make up for it with lots of hugs.

Being president of the Lions Club has meant I had to make some decisions, since we have not met for a while. Our last meeting was in March and I’m not sure when we will be able to meet again. 

This has been a problem for many organizations. For the Lions, it meant no Chicken Dinner this spring. I happily can report that Tom Sisulak has been named the Lions Club’s recipient of the Jansky Award. More on that in another column.

Trying for some semblance of normalcy in the Kosey life, thank you to Scott Zimmer and crew at The Chew for their pickup service. Husband Joe is able to continue having his oysters on Thursday night, which is a good thing. We counted on Chew to enjoy Easter, our anniversary and Mother’s Day. They also introduced me to a new wine, and for that I also thank you. Also, thank you Riverside Foods. It is reassuring to know you are there.

Seems the toilet paper problem has rolled on and is more available; now it’s meat. Where’s the beef? Well don’t beef about it, be creative. My mom was a great cook and nothing went to waste. What she could do with tuna fish, cream of mushroom soup and pasta. And talk about vegetables — we always had them and she would make a frittata, better than any fine restaurant. Too much beef isn’t the best for you anyway.

We are learning a lot from this virus about ourselves and others — some good, some bad. The willingness of people to help each other has been gratifying, and I find myself saying thank you more often — and to those I may not ordinarily thank. 

Try it, you’ll find it very gratifying and well received. So to all of you, thank you. Don’t you feel better? I do. Be safe!