In reply to “Yearning for the good old days” (Letters, June 24) by John Brokopp, equal justice for all, no matter one’s skin color or culture would seem, to me, to be an ideal that transcends any political party, not a left or right agenda.

Why is that considered brain-washing or rewriting history and a tactic of despotic power groups? To me, all groups that consider whites superior would be a despotic group.

In my opinion, whites need to own up to the fact that our enslavement of people of color and different cultures is a part of our past and, yes, a shameful part of that past. Now we work to finally make the words “equal and justice for all” mean just that. The time is right now, not in the future.

Liberty and justice for all are beautiful words. Let us make them true for all people.


Carlene M. O’Brien

North Riverside