Currently, the president is fighting with the education system, and from what I see he has been fighting with education all his life. He is now demanding that schools open for in person teaching amidst the coronavirus, despite the critically increasing number of cases each day. 

This new revelation from Trump should not surprise anyone. He has been bragging about a perfect score he got on a cognitive test.

From what I remember school was crowded and indoors, the two things we are supposed to avoid. There is no way to social distance. I can remember times it was difficult just to get down a hall, having to squeeze my way through. There were classroom changes every bell in high school, a great way to spread the virus as fast as possible.

Some are saying children may be less vulnerable to COVID-19 than their teachers, but they still can be carriers. If a teacher is out with COVID, no one will want to substitute. There is still the fact that the kids will bring it home, and the rest of the family will get it. Just like I remember when I was young, colds and flu went through the school and then through the family.

Other countries that contracted the virus, got it under control. They had better testing, and citizens who acted responsibly. They have routed the virus. Here, in the U.S., the virus is winning, as too few people are taking social distancing and mask wearing seriously. Here the virus is humiliating us, but it’s not too late. America still has a chance to get control, but time is running short.

We will need to close some of the country again and boost testing tenfold. That’s the best chance we have to get control, and then start up correctly like we should have done the first time we shut down. 

My father had a saying, attributed to John W. Bergman: “How come there is never enough time to do the job right, but there is always enough time to do it over again?” 

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Trump will get this done right, ever.

Joseph Diethelm