The Landmark published an article on Aug. 4 titled “Third party will handle RBHS remote learning.” The article states that “The decision to offer a hybrid model and a remote option came about after the deliberations of a 19-person COVID-19 transition committee established this summer.” 

Nineteen members of the committee did meet during the summer; however, this committee was advisory only. The decision to outsource remote learning to Apex was made solely by superintendent Kevin Skinkis. This decision did not come from a recommendation from this committee. The Riverside Brookfield Education Association Executive Board strongly opposes Dr. Skinkis’ decision to outsource our students’ learning to Apex.

In no way, shape or form is Apex a proper remote learning option. Apex does not include human instruction or interaction. It is unacceptable to the RBEA that Dr. Skinkis provided Apex as the only option for families that chose remote learning. 

For Dr. Skinkis to simply “hand off” students and families who made the remote learning choice – many for serious health reasons — is disappointing and sad. The students in the community deserve better than that.

The RBEA empathizes with parents like Pam Goodman and Peggy Rios. There is still time to get it right for these families. Your children deserve proper, quality education. APEX will not provide this. Our students’ education is too important to be left in the hands of a third-party vendor.

Riverside Brookfield Education Association Board

Riverside-Brookfield High School