The president, through his appointed lackey, is slowing the post office to prevent mail-in voting. He claims, with no proof at all that mail -n voting is corrupted and has led to false votes. 

The truth is there has never been widespread voter fraud through the mail. The last voter fraud was attempted in North Carolina, in 2018, by a Republican operative named Mark Harris. He collected unmailed ballots from Democratic neighborhoods and threw them away. He was charged with voter fraud for his interference.  

This attack on the post office is also disrupting the normal deliveries of mail, bills, prescriptions and packages. It’s an attempt to cheat in the election and shows how lacking the current administration and GOP is in morals. The post office has been around longer than our constitution, and is now a constitutional right.

The talking points of Republicans about voting in person with a pandemic on the loose are absurd. They have compared it to going to the grocery store, but it’s hardly the same. If you are sick and know it, you can go shopping when you get better, or maybe a family member can go for you. 

My mother in-law has not been to the grocery store since the pandemic started; my wife goes for her. However, you can’t send someone to vote for you, and you can’t wait to get better, so that means COVID-19 carriers will surely be at the voting booths. 

This is actually the best time to be voting by mail. It’s the safest way we can vote during a pandemic. We can also ensure the elderly safety, the ones who have built this country, the grandpas and grandmas, the mothers and fathers, my mother in-law and all those that are most vulnerable to the virus.

Not to mention, we need our mail!

Joseph Diethelm