After delays related to COVID-19 dining room closures, Michael’s Pancake House, opened on Oct. 2 at 25 E. Burlington St. in downtown Riverside. The restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

“We have been waiting to open since March. When we finally got the green light, we were ready to go,” said co-manager Edgardo Guadalupe. “Business has been good. I am surprised we did so well.”

Other downtown businesses, including Shamrock Garden Florist, Aunt Diana’s Old-Fashioned Fudge and Riverside Foods, welcomed Michael’s Pancake House to the community by delivering flowers, chocolates and well wishes.

“We were happy to be welcomed by our neighboring businesses,” said co-manager Sandra Guadalupe. “We feel like we’re a part of the business community already.”

The owners are not strangers to the restaurant business — the original Michael’s Pancake House has been thriving in south suburban Worth for nearly 20 years. The Brookfield residents had been looking to expand for some time and settled on Riverside as it became clear there was no other breakfast-focused restaurant in the community.

It appears the Guadalupe family’s instincts were right. Since opening, customers have flocked to the eatery to enjoy an array of diner favorites, but most guests are coming in for breakfast. 

Michael’s Pancake House is known for their generous portions including “football sized omelets” and fluffy plate-sized pancakes. They also have a curious egg-doubling policy.

“Eggs are always doubled at Michael’s Pancake House,” said co-manager Sandra Guadalupe. “If the menu says two eggs, you’ll get four. If you order three eggs, you’ll get six.”

Despite the potential for an egg overload, everything is made fresh at Michael’s Pancake House. The expansive menu includes classic breakfasts, creative crepes, diner sandwiches, soups and evening specials like pork chops, liver and onions and roast pork with sauerkraut. 

The space is humble and unassuming, but Michael’s Pancake House offers high value meals served with a smile. Pop by for an egg or eight.