The most recent surge in the number of people with confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 appears to be leveling off at the local level, mirroring a trend seen statewide, but new cases remain at levels much higher than during the initial wave of the pandemic, and people continue to die from it.

Two more Brookfield residents, a 47-year-old woman and an 83-year-old woman, lost their lives from COVID-19 in the past week, dying on Dec. 12 and 13, respectively, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner.

That brings the number of people who have died from the virus in Brookfield to eight – half of that number coming since Nov. 26. It was also the first time since May that two Brookfield residents died from the disease within a one-week period.

For the week ending on the morning of Dec. 15, Brookfield saw 87 new cases of COVID-19. That number is identical to the prior week and represents the first time since late October that the village saw fewer than 100 new cases two weeks in a row.

Since the pandemic swept into the area in March 1,139 Brookfield residents had contracted COVID-19 through of the morning of Dec. 15, according to data from the Cook County Department of Public Health.

In Riverside and North Riverside the number of new cases of COVID-19 also was largely flat week over week, with 42 new cases Riverside compared to 39 the prior week.  In North Riverside for the week ending on the morning of Dec. 15, there were 32 new cases compared to 30 the week before.

In all, since the county began reporting data in March, 590 Riverside residents and 354 North Riverside residents have contracted the virus. Two Riverside residents have died, while three North Riverside residents have died.

The most recent deaths in Riverside and North Riverside came on May 7 and July 19, respectively.