After watching the news and reading the headlines, it is obvious that most people blame President Trump and his enablers in Congress for the Jan. 6 insurrection in the Capitol. 

Yes, they are to blame for inciting the violence by repeating lies and refusing to follow our statutory or constitutional laws. But nowhere did I hear blame given to the 73 million voters that gave these people the power to do the damage that they did for the last four years. Wednesday’s riot was a not-surprising culmination of four years of condoning illegal acts.

   In the 1960s, Donovan released a song titled “Universal Soldier” in which he blames those who carried out murderous orders in the name of their nations. Voters for Trump are to blame for the disasters that occurred during the last 4 years.

   Seventy-three million voters also have blood on their hands for our lack of a national response to COVID that made America the most disease- ridden nation on the planet. We are approaching the number of deaths equal to those lost in World War II. 

These voters need to accept the fact that the South lost the Civil War (plenty of Confederate flags could be seen in the riot), that the Reconstruction period was meant to teach all Americans the ideals of our founding and that our Constitution is the law of the land.

Jan Goldberg