I would like to comment on the article, “D96 boosts in-person days at Hauser for final trimester” (News, Feb. 24).

I think the hybrid schedule is fine. I like going to school two days a week and being home the other days. I like only going two days a week to school. I would rather just go to school two days a week instead of four, but my mom thinks it’s important to go to school four days a week. 

I liked going two days a week so I guess four days won’t be so bad. We don’t really get to socialize at school, so I don’t get to see my friends at school. I have been hanging out with a few friends after school, so I don’t miss seeing them at school. I guess going four days a week will be OK.

Kyle Enochs


Kyle Enochs is a seventh-grader at Hauser Junior High School in Riverside.