I appreciate the pain a lot of working parents are experiencing right now, trying to make pandemic life and hybrid or remote schoolwork. It’s been grueling, and we’ve been let down by a lot people in leadership roles. 

But one group that has not let us down is the teachers, staff, administrators and school board at District 95. The teachers, staff, administrators and have moved heaven and earth to find a safe way to get school up and running. They were ahead of the curve in finding a way to offer a hybrid option, and through their dedication and the cooperation of parents and students have made it successful. 

They recognized that not all parents would be home and set up not one but two options for before and after school care. They’ve found creative ways to engage students remotely both full and part-time. They’ve done it with incredible professionalism and positivity, despite having to simultaneously deal with the pandemic’s effects on their own families. They’ve recognized the stress on families and put together resources for wellness and fun family activities for afterschool hours. 

They deserve our admiration and praise. They are just as eager as the rest of us to get back to some semblance of normalcy. But the basic math of the situation hasn’t changed.

I understand the frustration that normal is still months away, we all feel that. But that doesn’t make it OK to heap abuse on or to threaten teachers, administrators, or board members or their families. 

That kind of behavior should have no place in our community. It undermines the very strong partnership between parents, teachers, administration and the board that have made D95 successful. I hope the D95 community can pull together to support teachers and staff, while also finding ways to get additional support for students and families who are struggling. 

Let’s pour our energy into making plans for a successful return when it is safe and feasible to do so, which hopefully will be this fall.

Bridget and David Jakubiak