In the midst of all this discussion going on in school districts regarding returning to remote/hybrid/full time after spring break or not, there was a moment of incredible focus and consideration that had the D102 school board actually focusing on a brand new initiative intended to address student needs.

Dorren Gertsen-Briand, along with another board member, saw an opportunity to propose an initiative that places books in the hands of kids over the summer with a Little Free Library program in collaboration with the D102 school district and local libraries. 

It was inspired by a local resident, Ramon Lacey from Laced Up Athletics, looking to give back to his community by placing his own two Little Free Libraries painted by two local African-American artists.

In the less than five months she has served, Dorren was able to collaborate with various stakeholders as part of this clever idea to promote literacy while partnering with different local entities to the benefit of children throughout the district. In all of my 13 years of active involvement in D102, I have never seen a new board member take on an initiative in such sweeping form in such a short time serving. According to some, there is a learning curve that takes a few years to understand, but it does not seem to have affected Dorren.

Dorren is professional, measured and an independent thinker who thinks outside the box. She is earnest and experienced with the right temperament to rise above the chaos and create a moment that is all about the task at hand — serving her community — in this case, the students, which ultimately serves the taxpayers.

Dorren Gertsen-Briand was appointed to the D102 board in fall 2020. The community made a call for choice when it found that only one person applied for the vacancy. Four more applicants emerged, including Dorren. Out of five applicants, Dorren was one selected by the school board for this special appointment.

Please join me to keep an earnest, refreshing, well-rounded voice serving on the D102 school board by voting for Dorren Gertsen-Briand.

Nancy Bramson