Has the Brookfield Village Board or the businesses who would be negatively affected by closing Grand Boulevard considered having the street blocked after the three businesses mentioned close for the day? 

Christopher Mark Florist and Painted Studio both close at 5 p.m. while Snails to Tails has different closing hours for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps the latter would consider opening before 2 p.m. and closing at 5 on Friday and Saturday. It would certainly be a compromise that could potentially appease everyone. 

Through traffic would be closed on Grand Boulevard for dinner patrons and those interested in evening gatherings. The village would need someone to pull out the barricades at 5 and then reopen the street when the bars close. 

Yes, it entails a bit of extra work each weekend evening but if having Grand closed in the late afternoon/evenings brings in business for the bars/restaurant owners while not taking business away from the non-eateries, couldn’t this be a win-win situation for all the businesses? 

One can certainly appreciate both sides of the story, but I think this could be a workable option instead of limiting the closure of Grand Boulevard to only one weekend a month. Is this doable?

Joni Acamovic, Brookfield