On Monday morning April 26, I was taking a walk and heading to First National Bank of Brookfield to deposit a check. I had put the check in a bank envelope and put it in the pocket of my hoodie, along with my phone and radio. 

When I got to the bank, I went to take the check out of the pocket and it was not there. I immediately called my husband to ask him to look if maybe I forgot it, and didn’t put it in the pocket of the hoodie. No, was his response. 

On the walk back home I retraced my steps to see if maybe it dropped out and I didn’t realize it. When I got home, I was distressed that I had lost the check. My first response was to say a prayer to St. Anthony for lost items then I called the bank to protect myself. I had hoped that maybe someone would find it and return it.

Two days later when I returned from picking up dinner, I noticed that there was a piece of paper under the clay frog that I have on a table on our front porch, and much to my surprise it was the check. Two things occurred to me: First someone was honest and good to return it to me and second that St. Anthony helped me find my lost check.

So whoever you are, this is a great big thank you for returning the check. In this day of COVID and all that we are dealing with in society, it reinforces my belief in humankind.

Christine Wedekind, Brookfield