Regulars on this page, we hope, know about the Landmark’s transformation into a nonprofit newsroom under the umbrella of Growing Community Media. We’ve asked before and we’ll ask again for your financial investment in our community news. Thanks to so many of you who have become members.

Today, though, we’re asking you to think about the Landmark as a piece of something bigger, something wonderful, something fragile. That is the ecosystem of independent media across all of Chicago. We’re members of the Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA). That is 68 miraculous newsrooms doing everything from arts to ethnic media to neighborhood news. We’re in print, digital, video, podcasts.

Each of these newsrooms runs on passion, voice and hope. 

Today CIMA launches its second annual fund drive and it runs for a month. Every dollar — money from donors like you, to the foundations beginning to see the critical importance of community media — goes back into these journalistic ventures. You can direct your donation to specific members or share it among all the members.

Go to to find out more about each remarkable newsroom, including ours. We hope you’ll join in supporting this rich media ecosystem.