A good chunk of Brookfield and the southern end of Riverside are in line to be represented by a new state senator when the new legislative maps go into effect in 2023. The new 1st District now likely will ended up being represented by veteran state Sen. Tony Munoz.(Provided)

The numbers and some of the faces in the Illinois General Assembly representing the Landmark’s coverage area will change in 2023 under a legislative remap signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker last week. 

The always contentious redistricting process happens once every 10 years following the U.S. Census. But this year delays in the tabulating and publishing census data meant the General Assembly chose not to wait for that data but instead used population estimates from the previous five years of data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. 

Enacting the remap prior to June 30 meant that Democrats, who hold large majorities in the General Assembly, could control the redistricting process. Democrats hailed the new map while Republicans decried it as partisan and unfair. The new map is expected to be challenged in court.

Locally, the district represented by State Rep. Michael Zalewski’s (D-Riverside) will change in number. The current 23rd District will form the basis of the newly redrawn 21st District. 

The boundaries of the district will not change much, although the new 21st District will pick up the part of North Riverside east of First Ave. and parts of Berwyn while losing Justice on its southern edge. 

Riverside, Brookfield and North Riverside will be split into three state representative districts, in areas that will be represented Lisa Hernandez, Michael Zalewski and LaShawn Ford should they choose to run for re-election when the new maps come into effect in 2023. (Provided)

The new 21st District will include most of Riverside north of Herrick Road as well as Brookfield south of Shields Avenue and north of 31st Street. The 21st District, which runs south to Bridgeview and east to portions of Chicago, is estimated to be 53.9 percent Hispanic in population although Hispanics are estimated to make up only about 42 percent of the voting-age population in the newly drawn district.

State Rep. Lisa Hernandez (D-Cicero), who led the House Democrats’ redistricting efforts, will see the number of her district change to the 2nd District after representing the 24th District for the last 10 years. 

Hernandez will pick up more of Riverside and Brookfield in her new district. The newly drawn 2nd District will be 68 percent Hispanic (54.3 percent of the voting age population) and range from Brookfield to Cicero and include Riverside south of Herrick Road and also include Lyons and Stickney.

The new 2nd District includes Riverside south of Herrick Road as well as the multifamily area west of the downtown. It also includes all of Brookfield between 31st Street and Shields Avenue, including Hollywood.

State Rep. LaShawn Ford’s 8th District will lose the part of North Riverside east of First Avenue, but retains the portion west of 1st Avenue. The redrawn 8th District ranges from the Austin neighborhood of Chicago south and west to Countryside and is estimated to be 50.4 percent Black and 14.1 percent Hispanic. 

Brookfield, Riverside and North Riverside will remain split into three state Senate districts. 

State Sen. Steve Landek (D-Bridgeview), who currently represents the 12th District will now be in the newly drawn 11th District, whose boundaries have shifted east. The new 11th District will range from Berwyn on the north to Bridgeview on the south and include most of Riverside north of Herrick, North Riverside east of First Avenue and Brookfield north of 31st Street and south of Shields Avenue. Landek told the Landmark in a brief telephone interview that he expects to run for re-election in the new 11th District.

Brookfield between 31st Street and Shields Avenue and the southern portion of Riverside will be in the redrawn into the Senate’s 1st District, which is now represented by state Sen. Antonio “Tony” Munoz (D-Chicago). 

Munoz’s district will range from the Southwest Side of Chicago west to Brookfield. Munoz, 57, has served in the state Senate since 1999 and is a retired Chicago police officer. Munoz is considered to be a powerful force in the state Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightfoot’s (D-Maywood) Fourth District will continue to include the portion of North Riverside west of First Avenue.

After 2022, state Sen. Celina Villanueva, who currently represents much of Brookfield, and state Rep. Edgar Gonzalez Jr., whose district currently includes the portion of Riverside south the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad tracks, will no longer represent those areas, as their districts have been shifted eastward.