Lyons Township High School is beginning the process to develop what is believed to be the school’s first strategic plan. Over the next few months LTHS will engage stakeholders and community members to develop a strategic plan for the high school. 

The school is actively seeking community members to participate in an approximately 80-person team that will develop the strategic plan.

“The involvement of stakeholders from every part of our school community will result in a long-term framework for decision making that builds upon our shared priorities,” said LTHS District 204 Superintendent Brian Waterman in a press release issued by LTHS last week. “We are excited to launch this inclusive strategic planning process and engage stakeholders from all 11 communities we serve, which will help strengthen our partnership. The strategic planning process will be collaborative, and it will allow us to honor our traditions, innovate together and inspire the future of LT.”

Lyons Township High School serves the southwest quarter of Brookfield.

The strategic plan team will include district leaders, students, staff, parents and community members. The kickoff meeting of the strategic plan team will take place via Zoom on Jan 31. The team will meet five times between Jan. 31 and May to discuss survey results, analyze district data and develop a proposed plan that will ultimately be adopted by the school board. 

LTHS will conduct a survey to gather the opinions and experiences of students and community members. The link to the survey is posted on the school’s website and will be shared on school social media channels. 

On Feb. 17, results from the survey will be provided to the strategic plan team at an in-person data retreat. That data will then be used to guide the strategic planning process. Another in-person retreat is scheduled for April 19 and the final meeting of the strategic plan team is scheduled for May 11.

The strategic plan is intended to develop a shared vision that will guide the development of long-term goals and objectives for LTHS. Focus groups will also be used to gather information and feedback about LTHS.

LTHS has hired a consulting firm, the Consortium for Education Change (CEC), to guide its strategic planning process. Last year CEC helped Riverside Elementary School District 96 develop a new strategic plan.

To access the survey and for more information, visit online.