A Brookfield police squad car sits outside Citibank, 9009 Ogden Ave., as investigators process the scene of a robbery that took place shortly after noon on Jan. 18. | Bob Uphues/Editor

The FBI is investigating the Jan. 18 robbery of Citibank, 9009 Ogden Ave. in Brookfield, where a man demanded that a teller hand over “all your 100s and 50s” before exiting with nearly $4,000 in cash.

The suspect is described as a white male in his mid-30s who was wearing a black beanie, sunglasses, a black face mask, a gray T-shirt with a skull-and-crossbones design along with the words “Goonies never say die.” The man wore a dark-colored hoodie under the T-shirt, blue jeans and black gloves.

The FBI has released this security camera image of the man suspected of robbing the Citibank branch at 9009 Ogden Ave. in Brookfield on Jan. 18.

According to police, the offender approached the bank teller at about 12:15 p.m. and handed him a note, written on what appeared to be a brown paper bag, stating “Give me all your 100s and 50s.” The man, who never implied he was armed, reportedly also said those words to the teller while keeping his right hand on the counter and his left hand out of sight.

When the teller handed over the cash, the offender scooped the bills toward him, turned around and rushed out of the bank. Other customers in the bank at the time reportedly did not notice the robbery, but some did report seeing the man walking out with a lot of money in his hands.

Construction workers who were repairing the front of the bank, damaged on Jan. 2 when an alleged drunk driver crashed his car into it, told police they were not aware a robbery had taken place.

The offender, who made off with $3,880, was last seen running east toward the bank parking lot. Brookfield police responding to the scene said the offender had fled before they arrived and found the bank to be on lockdown following the robbery.

Brookfield police turned over the investigation to the FBI at about 12:45 p.m. That agency officially announced news of the robbery and released a security camera image of the alleged offender on the afternoon of Jan. 19.

It’s the third time the Citibank branch on Ogden Avenue has been robbed in the past five years. A man implying he was armed robbed the bank on Jan. 20, 2017 while a man who displayed a handgun and demanded cash robbed the bank on Aug. 6, 2019.

It is unknown whether those offenders were ever arrested and charged by the FBI.