ComEd will remove the power pole north of Brookfield Avenue immediately west of Salt Creek (above), eliminating overhead power lines there as the village makes way for a new bridge over the river. | Bob Uphues/Editor

The village of Brookfield and ComEd officially have agreed on just how much the utility company’s cost share will be to open cut the Salt Creek stream bed in order to run a water main and an electric line through the trench.

On Feb. 14, village trustees voted 5-0 to approve an intergovernmental agreement that gives ComEd a permanent easement to maintain the power line, which will run underground through a portion of the Brookfield Village Hall property and then under Salt Creek to the west side. A power pole north of Brookfield Avenue on the west side of the creek will be removed to eliminate overhead power lines there.

In exchange, ComEd has agreed to pay one-third of the approximately $470,000 total cost for the trench-cutting operation, which was made necessary to re-route a section of water main that runs under Salt Creek at Brookfield Avenue.

A new $4.5 million Brookfield Avenue bridge to be constructed later this spring across Salt Creek has a larger footprint than the old bridge, resulting in the need to reroute the water main to the north.

Initially, officials had planned to drill a channel under Salt Creek with an auger and place the water main there, but the auger struck a solid object about 10 feet below the river bed, forcing an alternate plan and delaying the project for months.

After the village obtained permission to open-cut the stream bed, ComEd inquired whether it could also re-route a power line through the same open-cut trench, eliminating an overhead line that crosses Brookfield Avenue from south to north.

As a result of the intergovernmental agreement approved last week, ComEd’s share of the cost will be roughly $157,000. Construction crews are expected to complete the water main/power line re-routing project within the next few weeks, depending on weather.

A series of large pumps have been placed on the crest of the river bank east of Salt Creek. Those will pump the river water around the work area at a rate of 50,000 gallons per minute while an aquadam is in place to allow for a backhoe to excavate the dry river bed and for the water main and electric lines to be laid.