The following comments are in response to “Fenwick’s failures,” the Landmark View of April 20. It is well written and speaks truth to power.

Other than a few brave voices within Catholic institutions, the church continues to stonewall on the appalling fact of sexual abuse against children by those in power.

The following was, I believe, spoken by Cardinal Francis George: “A very real problem has been magnified to undermine the moral authority of the church.” 

That statement alone tells me the mindset of many leaders of the church. The abuse of children by clergy is horrific enough; nothing has been magnified. And, in my opinion, the church no longer has much moral authority left.

So much money has been spent on programs like Come Home Catholics and Renew My Church and we are asked to evangelize, and not much thought as to why Catholics left in the first place.

There is so much that is beautiful and good in our church. So many traditions that comfort and people who dedicate themselves to making the world a better place. Let that type of culture prevail.

And I commend the fortitude and bravery of the young people who come forward with their testimony to speak truth to power. Bless you.

Carlene M. O’Brien
North Riverside