Graphic by Javier Govea

Road construction season will begin in North Riverside west of First Avenue later this month or in early June after village trustees on May 2 awarded a $422,280 construction contract to Huntley-based Schroeder Asphalt Services, which submitted the lowest of five bids for the work.

Schroeder’s bid came in about 2 percent less than the estimated budget for the work, which mainly will consist of asphalt resurfacing of about 6.5 blocks of residential side streets.

Workers will also adjust drainage structures as needed, repair deteriorated sections of curb and gutter and perform spot removal and replacement of sidewalk or driveway aprons, where necessary. Miscellaneous deteriorating sections of roadway that aren’t slated for full resurfacing will be patched.

Among the streets slated for resurfacing are:

  • 10th Avenue, from 25th Street to 24th Street
  • 10th Avenue, from 23rd Street to Cermak Road
  • 9th Avenue, from 23rd Street to Cermak Road
  • 8th Avenue, from 23rd Street to Cermak Road
  • 25th Street, from 9th Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • 7th Avenue, from 25th Street to 24th Street
  • 23rd Street, from 7th Avenue to 6th Avenue
  • 23rd Street, from 4th Avenue to 3rd Avenue

The cost of the work will not need to be funded through operating reserves. Rather, 80 percent of the total cost is being paid for through funds the village received through the state’s Rebuild Illinois capital plan. The remainder will be paid for with motor fuel tax funds, which are distributed to municipalities annually on a per capita basis.

A smaller, second round of road improvements, to be funded fully by motor fuel tax funds, is expected to break ground later this summer. The streets to be resurfaced for that project are still under consideration.