The most recent editorial in Landmark (“An example to follow,” The Landmark View, June 29) essentially praising abortion and castigating pro-life positions among the court was a low point in the newspaper’s history.

I practiced medicine 46 years. I do support choice, in the first trimester. Called on to draw fetal blood in the early weeks of a pregnancy it is clear the developing fetus does not react.

The early physiologic connections have not been made. At this point the pregnancy is a ball of developing cells. I leave potential out of the matter. A few weeks later, though, in the second trimester, draw fetal blood and now the connections have been made. The fetus violently withdraws from the needle.

To support abortion later than the first trimester is supporting the violent dismemberment of a developing human being. If you don’t believe so, please publish the pictures of a completed late-term abortion. Look at the images of the dismemberment (this still leaves out the desperate reaction of the fetus’s futile resistance to the tools destroying him or her) then castigate the justices of the Supreme Court for their ruling. Rape, incest, and life of the mother CAN be accommodated and allowed for in a first trimester abortion.