Thank you to all who helped make the Riverside Independence Day celebration a wonderful event. It was a collaborative effort of the whole village with particular thanks to Matt Buckley, the police and fire departments, Ron Malchiodi and the staff at the Recreation Department.

Thank you to the Public Works Department who set the venue up and by the next day you would not have known there was a big party. Thanks also to Riverside TV for making it possible to view the event whenever desired through their professional staff and taping.

To all who participated or watched, you help make celebrating our country’s birthday fun. Thank you for all who made donations to keep Riverside’s July 4 celebration ongoing, you make it possible. 

The weekend was also a reminder of how lucky we are to be able to celebrate with our family, neighbors and friends. Keep in mind what you have and strive to help others share the same freedoms.

Joe Ballerine, Andy Daun, Danny Jisa, JoAnne Kosey, Ben Sells and Rey Navarro, Riverside Friends of the Fourth