They’re back with their bright shiny faces, ready to face a new year of learning. I couldn’t let the first week of school go by without commenting on it. Hopefully we are back at almost fully operational from the pandemic after all of the adjustments families and faculties have had to make. They all look like they are ready to go.

Now I don’t know about you, but I still think school should start after Labor Day, which I consider to be the final summer fun day, but every year I am given the numerous reasons for the change. In reality, it doesn’t affect me at all.

How many of you remember the first day/week of school? You had made the shopping trip for all the supplies – No. 2 pencils, folders, lined paper (correct line space) erasers, crayons, and whatever else would make you an A1 student. 

All of those supplies went into a school bag, which made you look like a mini accountant. You name was carefully placed on everything so everyone would know it was yours. 

Today’s students go off with backpacks so full I’m not sure if they are going to school for a day or leaving home for good. I somehow feel we are growing a generation that will be depending on a lot on physical therapy and Bengay.

I remember looking forward to who my teacher would be, which in my case would have been a nun, since I attended St. Mary School. I was jealous of my friends who attended the public schools because they had gym. We just had recess. My physical training was short, but I was good at the praying. Now St. Mary’s has a gym which I prefer to call the “churchagymatorium” since it is used for all three purposes, but they still have recess.

The rest of us, whether we have children in school or not, are part of the teaching process but not in a formal manner. The kids learn from us as part of the community and how we treat each other.

So, kids and parents, here’s to another good year. Teachers, you are to be commended, but I still think classes should wait until after Labor Day.