Just a few weeks ago at an intersection in Riverside was a young lady smiling as she held up a Tootsie Roll while looking for donations to the Knights of Columbus to benefit their charitable work.

 On Oct. 13 and 14, you’ll see Riverside Township Lions Club volunteers strategically placed with mints that you will get in exchange for a donation. This, my friends, is how many organizations raise money for their philanthropies. There are no rain dates, so they are out there on the assigned day. 

Did you realize that all of what they collect does not go directly to the charity? The organizations, of course, must first pay the items they are passing out. I know not many people carry cash anymore but be ready with some singles for just these instances.

During recent summers children on Lawton Road set up a lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer research — good for you and thank you parents who promote this. Kids are never too young to learn the joy of giving.

Sometimes I don’t find out about the fundraisers in time, which is a shame since I’d like to support the efforts in some way. There’s nothing like a cool glass of lemonade or a Tootsie Roll or some mints.

Which brings me to something else. It is now election time, and we are being asked to support different candidates through monetary donations and there are some big requests. Personally, I seldom give to political candidates; I give my vote, which in my mind is more important. Think of all the good that could happen with some of that money. All we have to do is look to Florida and see how homes have been ravaged and lives destroyed and know it could help.

What I’m saying is think about your giving and what it means. Watch for the Lions when it is Candy Sale time, and it’s not too late to send a donation to the Knights of Columbus. Looking ahead, the RBHS band will be selling cheesecakes. 

Thanks to all those who volunteer for whatever charity you may choose you. You do it for all the right reasons and are appreciated. To those who haven’t volunteered for something, the rewards are endless. Try it, you’ll like it.