As discussed in your article Oct. 12 (“Riverside Library eyes more lower-level improvements,” News), there’s no question that renovating the library lower level is/was a worthy project. 

However, like most government-type projects with excess funds, there always seems to be a need to spend it, not return it to the village to retire debt or consider other worthy needs. 

One of those other really important needs is repaving the many Riverside streets that are in poor to terrible condition, both dangerous to vehicles and so bad that some streets are an embarrassment to the residents living on those streets. 

I am all for the library, but the village must absolutely spend a much greater effort keeping its streets repaired. Village residents need to begin voicing complaints until more road repairs begin happening. Poorly kept streets lessen the value for all our homes. Hopefully, the village will place more emphasis on this critical need.

Mike Sammon, Riverside