Time to get those little treat bags together, because Halloween is next week. I always like to put treats in little bags so I know everyone is getting the same amount and I can tell how many little goblins came to our house. 

I like to have cute Halloween bags if I can get them. If not, snack baggies work just fine. I like to put two or three treats in a bag, which usually includes a Dum Dum lollipop, sort of my own tradition.

They, whoever they are, said that this year the candy would cost more and that the bags would be smaller, but that won’t stop me. I’ll do what I usually do — it’s for the kids.  

It is nice though that we can get individually wrapped candy and a big variety, but what I need to do is find bags of candy that aren’t such a temptation to me. I thought if I purchased some candy I didn’t care for it would be easier, but I discovered there were not too many I didn’t care for.

While most trick-or-treaters are fine with candy, there are those who aren’t able to have candy, so there are alternatives for those children. I’ll stop at one of the dollar stores to pick up a variety of things to pass out. In the past, I have given out Halloween pencils or there are small decks of cards, and what kid wouldn’t want a spider ring? Check these items out, plus you won’t be tempted.

I can remember my mom would run out of candy and then would be checking her change purse to pass out coins. A quarter isn’t a bad thing to get. I always liked the wax lips or little bottles that contained liquid when you bit into them. Ah, those were the days.

So, Husband Joe and I will sit outside and pass out treats. What’s fun is to see the next generation come out and celebrate. I remember the Dvorak kids coming to the door to see if we could guess who they were — now it’s their kids.  

Quick get those Reese’s Pieces into a bag before I get tempted – oops,  too late! Is that a Mounds bar I see?