I refer to it as the “forgotten holiday” — you know, Thanksgiving — that day coming after Halloween and before Christmas. I believe it should have its own season, since it does have importance when we think of it in terms of family, friends and appreciating what we have. 

Each year it seems to get glossed over by TV advertisers. I was happy to have the political commercials finally over when, wham, there it was — Christmas. While most of the commercials I’m seeing are not getting me out the door to the store, Husband Joe was ready to put up the Christmas tree until I reminded him that in this house no Christmas stuff goes up until Thanksgiving is over. Look guys, I know the date of Christmas, so stop pushing. It will get done but on my time.

So, let’s hear it for Thanksgiving. I have finally got to the point where I cook nothing, but I continue to give directions or how Nanny used to make her sweet potatoes, her dressing, and gravy. 

This year I informed son Michael that Nanny’s (my mother) favorite part of the turkey was the part that went over the fence last. He had never heard that expression so something new this year. Trust me, it was always hers and nobody fought for it.

So Michael will cook, Husband Joe and I will eat, daughter Tina and the Duves will be in Florida visiting daughter Elena and escaping the cold. Pies are courtesy of Maggie Connelly of Edward Jones. Though we won’t be together physically, we will be together in heart and spirit.

This is also the time I tell you my readers, my friends, how thankful I am of you. You are the reason I do this every week. Bob Uphues and Dan Haley, thanks so much for giving me this opportunity. In general, thanks.

Next week I will have some shopping hints for you and where to get some different things and support local businesses.

Friday we can start with Christmas decorations — we will put up our tree, which we have reduced in size but still holds memorable ornaments.