While on a semi hibernation over the holidays I took to the tube as my form of entertainment and watched some channels I ordinarily do not watch but will watch in the future.

On the History Channel, which had some very interesting programs, I learned about what could be termed “chocolate wars” between the Hershey and Mars families. At one time Chicago was a very large producer of candy. Leaf Confection, Brach’s, Tootsie Roll, Ferrara Pan, Mars all called Chicago home. 

I also learned about car makers and the different problems and competitions between car makers, but my favorite series was about games. 

Now, as a child, we used to play board games a lot, nothing electronic. It was interesting to see how the ideas for games developed as well as the competition between the bigger makers of games. 

We even had a cabinet that housed our games and at any time you could pull out checkers or Chinese checkers, which had a backgammon board on the back. Most of the games took at least two people but some could be played alone. Parcheesi was one we played quite often. 

Probably the first board game for any kid was Candyland; I loved that game. As I grew older and games became more sophisticated, there was Clue — they even have a Junior version. I also liked Go to the Head of the Class, which is not a very well-known game, but fun nonetheless and very educational. Who didn’t squeal while playing Operation when you didn’t remove the object carefully enough?

Probably the most popular games now are the various trivia games, which can be geared for large groups and even tailored for fundraisers.

Check out our local libraries, which often host board game events for people to get together, have a fun time and socialize.

Parents may want to introduce their children to some old-fashioned games — no batteries required and don’t need to make sure everything is charged. Of course, simpler yet are Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman — just have paper and pencil and you can play them anywhere.

And now you know what I did over the holiday. Anybody game for a game?