Thank you for printing the good-bye article on Rep. Zalewski (“After 14 years, Zalewski bids farewell as state rep,” News, Jan. 11). It was a tough race for him, but he bowed out gracefully. Others can learn much from his concession to Rep. Rashid.

Rep. Z was always available for interviews and conversations whenever I asked. His office in Riverside was run professionally and efficiently. His staff returned phone calls and emails promptly.

More importantly, he voted “yes” on  almost every issue that I brought to his attention, including the recent ban on assault weapons, the elimination of cash bail and the expansion and codification of abortion rights.

He changed his mind on the progressive income tax amendment by supporting it, after being opposed. He invited me to testify on its behalf in front of the finance committee when the public was allowed to weigh in. 

It was fun arguing with opponents about an amendment that should have been a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the public never really understood the unfairness of a flat tax. We agreed to disagree on redistricting.

It is unfortunate that his name got mixed up with his dad’s and the whole Mike Madigan corruption case. But no one said politics was fair.

I will miss having a representative who is so accessible. I wish him well in whatever he accomplishes next.

Jan Goldber, Riverside