Still reporting from Cantata while Husband Joe holds down the fort at home relaxing in his new La-Z-Boy chair. I’m anxious to get to mine, but in the meantime, here we go.

My physical rehab trainers, whom I refer to as “Rob-Roy” after a famous cocktail popular years ago, are wonderful. They have me going through the paces and progress is being made. I’m finding other locals here, including Carina Willems, Joan Lenzi and Judy Shufflet of North Riverside. We will be meeting for lunch in the dining room.  

I keep in contact with the outside world through the TV and an occasional newspaper, so I know this past week it snowed. Looking out the window of my room I can see it.  Although very pretty, I’m glad to be inside.

I also know it is time for Little League registration. Even if you don’t have anyone participating, I suggest taking the time to catch a game. If you go to Ehlert Park or Kiwanis Park you can even get a hot dog. My dad always said if you go to a ball game you have to have a red hot.

Oh, the cuteness of the youngest level of Little League, T-ball. If you’ve never seen a 5-year-old try to hit a ball off a tee, it’s worth a watch. The tykes have watched the majors on TV and try to imitate their actions. 

Kids are getting ready for the sport by attending clinics in order to work on their skills.  Stella’s Batting Cages will soon have standing room only.  

I don’t think Fred Wilson could have imagined the impact Little League would have in the area. Wilson, who had the Stop and Sock driving range on Desplaines Avenue where the fire department is now, was the founder of Little League in the area. 

He could not have foreseen the levels of play and the number of participants. Girls softball was not even thought of at the time, but it sure has grown.

When I speak of baseball, it brings to mind the Cubs. I look forward to the season but they traded all my favorites away, so I don’t anticipate a lot this year, but I’ll watch anyway.

I took a break from writing this week’s column for another therapy session. I can walk with a walker and am getting up from a sitting position better. They have me doing a lot of leg lifts and marching (mostly to my own drummer).  

Understand it will be cold this week, but I’ll stay warm reading the sports pages and anticipating baseball — professional and Little League.