Just when I believe I have enough time to do something, I realize I don’t. Here I am at Cantata and you would think I’d have time to read and fin   ish a John Grisham book, something I have tried to do for over a year. I get started and, oops, life gets in the way. I put the book down and forget where it is the next time I look for it.

So, here I am in my room, comfortable, and I have enough room for a few necessities, one of which being my new John Grisham book, on the table next to my bed. One would think it was safe, but somehow or another it disappeared. So much for me reading a John Grisham book. A thorough search of what is considered my space is futile. 

However, on Saturday when I told my plight to Nurse Bill, he took on the search and found it at the front desk. How it got there I can’t imagine, but thanks to Nurse Bill and St. Anthony.

Speaking of nurses and staff, they enjoy coming into my room to enjoy the flowers and plants in my room. Thank you to family and friends!

I keep in touch with what is going on locally with conversations with Alex Gallegos. The rest of the world is from TV with local and national news. Found the Chinese balloon interesting. Of course, I have my own thoughts, but I’m sure it isn’t a pinata with goodies inside. Alas, we can just follow the news. 

Another thing, does it bother anybody that our Congressman Chuy Garcia, soon after being elected, is running for Chicago mayor? Is he spending any time on the job he was already elected for?

OK, they’re here with lunch. I can get used to breakfast in bed and having the remote to myself. Honestly, I’m working towards making breakfast and sharing the remote.