The Riverside-Brookfield Landmark sent questionnaires to each person running for public office in 2023. The Landmark’s questions are in bold and the candidate’s responses are below.

Name: Elizabeth Loerop

Age: 38

Previous Political Experience: District 95 School Board

Previous/Current Community Involvement: N/A

Occupation: Chicago Public School Teacher

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Master’s in Teaching Reading

1. Why are you running for the school board of District 95?

Since August 2021, I have been an acting member of the District 95 school board as an
appointed member. I chose to officially run for the school board as an incumbent in
the 2023 election. Since being a resident of Brookfield since 2009 and having my own
child in the district, I have found this role to be a great honor and a call to make an
impact in the community I live in.

2. What experience and perspectives would you bring to the position and how would they be valuable as an elected official?

I have been in education since 2008 as a classroom teacher and teacher leader in the Chicago Public Schools. My experience as an educator as well as my understanding of the many components that make up our education system allows for value on a school board. My background is in Special Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), Reading, and Middle School teaching. I find that my skill set will be of value when serving to continue District 95’s mission to “provide optimal educational opportunities for all of our children in order to prepare our students to become confident, self-assured, life-long learners ensuring their success as citizens of the world.”

3. What do you believe are some of the greatest challenges facing the school district?

One challenge in particular that comes to mind in the district is transitioning from one
superintendent to the next over the course of two years. As excited as the board is for
our new superintendent to continue the excellent work of the current superintendent,
we also know that the role of the superintendent is a challenging position. I am
excited to be a part of the school board that is there to encourage and support our
new superintendent. Another challenge our district faces is the ever-changing society
that we live in. I believe that District 95 has done an excellent job of handling the
immense challenges that Covid-19 brought, and I also believe it will continue to thrive
in the years to come with whatever challenges come its way.