Road construction season is just weeks away in Brookfield after village trustees on March 13 awarded a $2.7 million contract to Cicero-based J. Nardulli Concrete to resurface about one mile of residential side streets this year.

Nardulli’s bid was the lowest of three submitted for the work and about 8% lower than the village engineer’s estimate of roughly $2.95 million.

Streets to be improved this year include Jefferson Avenue, from Kemman to Madison; Arthur Avenue, from Lincoln to Southview; and Park Avenue, from Ogden to Shields. The contract also includes about $100,000 in concrete and asphalt pavement patching to be done at various locations in Brookfield.

Work is expected to kick off as early as April 15, though it could be delayed depending on construction scheduling.

The improvements include widening the streets by 3 feet to make them all 25-feet wide, replacing all curbs and gutters and any driveway aprons disturbed by construction. Crews will also repair any deteriorated sections of combined sewer and repair or replace deteriorated drainage structures.

The work also includes installing handicapped-accessible sidewalk ramps at intersections and alleys. The existing street pavement will be milled off and repaved with asphalt and disturbed areas of the parkway will be restored with sod.

Streets to be improved were determined by virtue of their condition, outlined in the village’s 2021 street pavement survey, conducted after a $22 million street improvement campaign between 2016 and 2021 following a bond referendum approved by voters.

During those years, Brookfield improved about 15.3 miles of residential side streets, roughly 37% of the village’s 41 miles of streets. 

Brookfield taxpayers will continue to fund the debt incurred by that referendum through 2030, with some of the burden lifting as some of the bonds, which were issued in three phases, retire in 2026 and 2028.

Washington Ave. bike lanes coming

In addition to the work approved by the village board on March 13, the village of Brookfield will complete a pair of collector route improvements in 2023, both of which were approved and originally scheduled to be completed last year.

Starting in April or May, Washington Avenue from Prairie Avenue to Kemman Avenue will be resurfaced, along with spot sewer, curb and gutter replacement. 

After the roadway gets its new asphalt surface, bike lanes will be marked on both the north and south sides of the street – the first-ever formal bike lanes in Brookfield, implementing a recommendation in the village’s Complete Streets Plan.

While the roadway won’t be resurfaced between Prairie Avenue and Golf Road, the new bike lane markings will extend down the entire length of Washington Avenue in Brookfield.

In addition, crews will complete work started last year on Shields Avenue between Custer Avenue and Maple Avenue.

Concrete work, sewer repairs and pavement patching was completed on that stretch in 2022. Beginning probably in April, the asphalt roadway in that section of Shields Avenue will be milled and resurfaced.