‘Keep your legs elevated.” OK, so that means I’m reading a lot and watching a lot of TV. Doing well with my Grisham books, can’t wait until Chicago elects a mayor and I am seeing too many tempting Easter candy ads. 

Cadbury eggs look good, but I have never had one, don’t know why. They have used the same ad for years with all the different animals. Bawk! Bawk! Hopefully they sell enough eggs this year to a new ad next year. 

Hershey’s little foil wrapped eggs on the other hand are fun to eat, because they’re small and you can eat quite a few without feeling guilty. However, have you ever had hard time opening them? Takes some of the fun out and puts frustration in, but they are still Hershey quality. 

They’re all the same on the inside. That’s Peeps delivering a two-fold message, one on their candy and a life lesson. Peeps started out as a yellow marshmallow confection designed to resemble a little chicken. 

The little yummy candies were so popular, the company started making them in different shapes, but inside they were the same – just like people; we’re different on the outside but the same inside.

Of course, eggs really are an Easter symbol, be they chocolate or real. I think real eggs taste better when they are boiled, but colored chocolate eggs are the best the bigger they are and if they are cream-filled. 

Thank goodness for plastic eggs. They make Easter egg hunts easier. One year my mother filled the eggs with candy and coins for our outdoor hunt. Needless to say, the squirrels got them and the next year the hunt was indoors. 

Serious Easter candies include chocolate rabbits — really serious is a solid chocolate rabbit, not a hollow one. Look in Aunt Diana’s Old-Fashioned Fudge shop to see a serious chocolate rabbit. Each year there is someone who tries to purchase it, but no sale. 

Rumor has it the late Michael Jackson tried to buy it but no sale to him. If you are lucky enough to get a chocolate rabbit from Aunt Diana’s, do you eat the ears or tail first? One of the world’s burning questions. 

Well, whatever your Easter traditions, I hope they turn out well this year. Happy Easter to my readers and thank you for the cards I have received.