Hi all. Well, here I am attempting to write my column on my new Chromebook. I have heard it’s easy to learn how to use, but I think they are referring to an 8-year-old and not an 80-year-old. Daughter Tina has patiently been walking me through things in person and by phone.

So, here I am staring at this machine whose purpose is making my life easier, which I supposed will happen in time. I have started this particular column quite a few times due to errors on my part.

I am used to working with a mouse, which kept my right hand busy and my left just there but in no trouble. Now it seems my left hand is touching something on the keyboard and I either lose everything or other things pop up on the screen. I keep looking around for that smart 8-year-old, but there isn’t one here at the Woodlands, although I have been told if I ask anybody, they will know what to do.

My first attempt proved wrong, of course, since I asked during the night and the aide was less than enthusiastic. Then Nurse Dana appeared on the scene, dropping off the morning pills and noticing my Chromebook. She would be one to ask, but she is always on the run. 

Roy and George would help but they are busy with rehab, maybe after hours or if they are not getting us busy with group therapy, which is fun. We work with weights and dumbbells, the weighted kind, not people. 

You may have realized or heard that I am receiving rehab to continue to get stronger. I am also being treated for something else, which I am told is treatable, which is good news  to me. 

I am still at Cantata in the Woodlands section. I have a studio apartment, but one-bedroom apartments are also available. I will keep you in the loop as to what is happening.

What’s fun is how many people have said they didn’t see their names in the column, I will do my best. If your name is omitted, don’t take it personally, just let me know. 

Can’t forget Margaret, Billy, MaryAnn and Cindy (my angels), Chyann, Sergio, Adam, Julie, Meghan, Lisa Capone and Dan Urban – they are among the many who have been helping get me back and running. 

Thanks, Skylar, for helping me with this.