OK, I’m still at Cantata, but what’s been bothering me for quite a while deals with the sports world. Yesterday with Blackhawks announcing they won’t re-sign Jonathan Toews, I just have had it. 

I’m still trying to get over the fact that they let go of Anthony Rizzo, who was Chicago. I realize that this is all business, related to money, and let’s pay off investors. However, people are entitled to have a product on the field that also is an attraction. 

Granted, Toews was not at his best the last year due to health problems. However, he was someone that people came to see, as was Anthony Rizzo.

Anthony Rizzo’s story was not only his accomplishments on the field but also off the field and into the hearts of many. He and his family established a foundation to raise funds for cancer research after he was treated for Hodgkin lymphoma as a teenager in the Boston Red Sox minor league system.

The foundation has raised and donated millions for cancer research and he was a fan favorite for both adults and children. The Cubs weren’t willing to pay him what he should have been paid, and I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive them for tearing up the team.

They say it’s because they want to put something better on the field. Well, have they? They could have done it with Rizzo. Look what he did when he moved on. You can see whenever he comes back to Chicago, his heart is still here and people were coming to those games to see him — not so much is how he played, but because he was Anthony Rizzo. He has said that Chicago will always be his home. When we look at Jonathan Toews, it’s the same thing.

Last night, I listened to Blackhawks management speak of letting Jonathan Toews go and how they appreciated him and how he will always be a Blackhawk – well, not really, because you let him go.

He will have a lot of his heart here because this is where he brought three championships. As to what he’s going to do now that’s up to him, it almost sounds like he might not continue due to his health problems. Boys, you always have a home here.