The question is no longer whether or not LT acted improperly, they in fact broke the law. The AG issued a binding opinion on the Jan. 23 meeting and there are still six more to rule on.

No one is suggesting LT sell at a reduced price. That is a blatantly false statement.  And to suggest Willow Springs would be getting a bargain at the expense of LT further perpetuates this falsehood. At who’s expense would it be to allow industrial, which isn’t legally permissible. How about you write a story from that angle.

SB990 establishes the price at the fair market value for current zoning, which is meant to define the land’s true worth.

For example, I can’t sell my house for industrial, a casino, strip joint or junkyard.  Why? Because it is zoned residential. So, it gets appraised based on current zoning. That has been the standard approach when selling real estate forever.

And for RB Landmark to claim the uproar is purely political (“Rules for thee, not for me,” The Landmark View, May 3) is shameful. It is obvious you are in the hip pocket of LT with these shallow arguments and accusations. All the surrounding communities and towns are against industrial and agree with the basic argument that the land’s worth should be based solely on an appraisal at current zoning.  Simple.

LT has avoided requesting a zoning variance on purpose and planned to have a multibillion dollar global industrial company slap little old Willow Springs around to get their way. LT’s own lawyer stated there are “obvious” ways to get around Willow Springs’ resistance to change zoning. So, for RB Landmark to suggest that just because Willow Springs holds tough against a zoning change, that there is then no way industrial could be built there is promoting a falsehood.

This is why there is a coordinated resistance against LT; not because there is an effort to buy the land, as you suggest, at a bargain price, but to prevent an industrial development.

This is a grassroots community organized pushback on what clearly does not belong next to a school, park, and three surrounding neighborhoods, some of which have been here for 70 years.

Try interviewing people from Pleasantdale next time before reporting LT’s one-sided argument that disrespects all the hardworking taxpayers of Pleasantdale.

BTW, using words like “berserk” shows your readers your bias right off the bat.

Fred Whiting, Willow Springs