Thank you for your recent editorial entitled “Hitting home” in the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark on July 5. The constant stream of news about mass shootings should make every American upset.

The idea that military-style weapons are legal because one party feels it is against the 2nd Amendment to ban them is beyond reprehensible. An angry crazy person with a handgun or knife could not commit the carnage that we now see daily on the news.

Republicans in Congress refuse to endorse an assault weapons ban. They still get elected. Gun shop owners in Illinois have sued to disallow the ban that currently passed in Illinois. One such owner claimed that over 50% of his business was selling these weapons. Others point to a Supreme Court case out of New York state last year that had to do with a concealed weapon law. It had nothing to do with assault weapons.

People must vote for representatives who will do the right thing on the gun issue.  Republicans love to lower taxes and cut spending. These ideas are appealing to some voters. But neither issue will matter if these weapons continue to kill innocent people.

  Jan Goldberg, Riverside