Whether, or weather, no matter how you spell it, it affects all of us in some way. So last week I was on my trek between MacNeal Hospital and Cantata when the first weather fury hit.

I made it to my room on the fourth floor of the hospital and was watching the weather reports and listening to the sirens going off. Everything seemed to be going on as usual, but I was trying to prepare myself. 

My preparation was to get my rosary, crawl under the covers and move away from the windows. Luckily, the all-clear came. While at MacNeal there was also a fire alarm. However, it was on the fifth floor in the south building, so there was no need for my Plan B. During the huge rain, I said a few prayers for those who live in the area and for Dr. Mike, who had no problem but lost a few mature trees. 

So, I’m now back at Cantata where I will be for a while getting IVs and therapy. If you are looking for me, this is the place. As I have said, it is a good place to be, although I would like to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather. So far, I’ve only been outside to be transported from MacNeal to Cantata; not much of an outing.

This time I hope to take advantage of some of the activities planned for each day. Or I would like to get to my next Grisham book, which was given to me by Louise Wimmer. It belonged to her late husband, Mike, also a Grisham aficionado. 

I have been watching a lot of TV since it fits in my schedule, which isn’t too trying. I didn’t realize how many people needed windows or mattresses. Dog food is another item that you need to consider. Some of it looks as good as people’s food.

I would like to advise people not to ignore those little health signals that maybe something is wrong. You can’t enjoy it forever. Listen to your body. Unfortunately, during my time here at Cantata, there have been many who passed away that I didn’t get to pay my respects to, such as Jim Heilenbach, Marcia Olson and Barbara Newman. I know there are others I have also missed well.

I want to let you all know I miss seeing you all. I’d rather be buzzing around town doing whatever. I miss the farmers markets, especially the nice, juicy peaches. Yum!