Funded mainly through a $250,000 state grant, the improvements to the Ehlert Park tennis courts will include a new surface and striping for both tennis and pickleball. The adjacent basketball courts will also be resurfaced and reconfigured as two half-court play spaces. Both areas will be enclosed by new black vinyl coated fencing. | VILLAGE OF BROOKFIELD

After months of extensive renovations, Ehlert Park is gearing up to unveil its newly refurbished tennis courts in a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for late September.

The comprehensive project, which began in April, includes the revitalization of the park’s four tennis courts, basketball court and the addition of a pickleball court lining. 

Michael Garvey, the Village President of Brookfield, emphasized the village’s commitment to regular facility maintenance. 

“We try and renovate all our amenities as often as we can to keep them up in shape,” Garvey said.

The decision to undertake this renovation stemmed from the noticeable deterioration of the existing tennis courts and the less-than-ideal state of the fencing.

While the official date and time for the ribbon-cutting event have yet to be confirmed, Garvey indicated that it is scheduled for the week of Sept. 23. 

This celebration will have prominent state representatives who helped fund the project as guests.

This ambitious project aligns with the village’s ongoing efforts to uphold, repair, and improve its recreational spaces. 

It encompasses a range of improvements, including the renovation of the tennis courts, the addition of pickleball court markings, resurfacing of the basketball courts, and the installation of vinyl-coated fencing around the tennis courts.

Funding for this transformative project comes primarily from a $250,000 state grant.

In addition to the grant, Brookfield secured an extra $50,000 in funding from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

The decision to incorporate pickleball into the park’s offerings was driven by its popularity among residents, as it had been a frequently requested amenity.

This project represents the first significant enhancement to these recreational areas in decades. 

The basketball courts were originally constructed in 1998 as part of a comprehensive $2.5 million initiative aimed at improving Ehlert and Candy Cane parks.

Garvey said the village is dedication to encouraging residents to lead active lifestyles and make full use of the newly upgraded facilities. 

 “We want to encourage our residents to be active and use the facility so we’re always looking to try and do upgrades whenever we can,” said Garvey.