As the Riverside Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) disbands after serving the community for 75 years, we have some thoughts on the organization and the work it has accomplished. 

We were drawn to AAUW because this organization believes in causes larger than ourselves. The Riverside Branch of AAUW has made a difference in women’s lives by helping them attain their educational goals for the past 75 years (The Riverside Branch has awarded over $22,000 in scholarships to girls graduating from Riverside Brookfield High School). 

Many of our members have been a special part of our lives over many years, sharing knowledge, engaging women in our community to dream big, and becoming leaders as had so many of the trailblazers who went before us. 

Although we understand that free time is almost non-existent in the younger generation, we fervently hope that these women (and men) will continue to join organizations that benefit the community in which we live. The key to life is participation. 

There are many worthwhile organizations that need support, such as the Riverside Junior Women’s Charity, the Lions Club, the Olmsted Society, local boards and our church families. AAUW continues to advance women in our nation. 

On a side note, the Riverside Branch’s legacy lives on in the community. The Historical Commission will continue the Poster Contest for Women’s History Month that was begun by the Riverside Branch. Also, during Women’s History Month, the Riverside Public Library will continue to co-sponsor a lecture series focusing on famous women underwritten by a grant given to the library by the Riverside Branch. 

We both joined AAUW in 1978 — you may also know us as the two early-morning walkers who have been doing so for over 40 years. People have commented that they would gauge their time to work by where they would see us on our morning hike. 

We extend our gratitude and best of luck to Bob Uphues on his retirement and to JoAnne Kosey for her support over the years.

Goodbye, Riverside Branch AAUW. Thanks for allowing us to grow and to give back to the community that we love.

Nancy Dvorak and Christine Zogas